Thursday, August 4, 2016

trip to Mexico

Hola bloggers, so as you know I'm going to Mexico and it takes about 3 planes to get there.
At the start I was nervous because the first time I went on a plane I was18 months old going to Australia to see my mum's friend Jess and i don't remember my first flight, but this trip took a day and 8 hours!! When they called out the 9 o'clock flight  that i was going to Auckland, I said my goodbyes to mum and got my tickets. I walked up to the lady on the desk by the door and gave her my ticket and walked out the door down the path to the plane. Walking on to the plane to find my seat took awhile because everyone was putting their luggage above the seats, when we got to our seats i grabbed my phone out and turned the flashlight on so mum could see where i was sitting. She saw me and took a photo. Then the engine started and we were moving, it felt so weird as we were going up. After  being on that flight I was exited to go on the next. The next flight was to L.A. which was an over night flight from half past 7 at night to 6 o'clock in the morning. The Auckland planes are bigger than the Napier planes, there were three rows of seats and in each row there were three seats. At about 8:30 we had dinner. I had a roast chicken, it was really nice. After dinner I watched some movies on a tv on the chair in front of me. At 5 in the morning we got our breakfast.  For breakfast i got scrambled eggs and bacon.

When we arrived in L.A, the time had changed. In L.A. we had to go through security.  That was not fun at all! After that we had to get quickly to our next flight.  This  flight was a 4 hour flight to Cancun. This was a very boring flight and you had to pay for everything, food and movies.  It was not fun, all I did on the plane was play games on my tablet. After 3 and half hours of waiting, I could see Cancun from up high in the plane window.  It looked so cool! Cancun is a part of Mexico and I'm staying in a place very close that is called Playa del Carmen .
We just arrived in Cancun and now we have to wait for the doors to open. My luggage was under my feet so i could just pick it up and go. Coming out took awhile.  As we walked outside it felt like a burst of fire had just hit me. Looking for Aunty Heather was a struggle because we did not know where she was going to be. But as we turned around, Aunty Heather was running up to us with a great big hug.  She grabbed our suitcases and walked out by a gate that had people waiting outside of it.  Apparently they were not allowed in but Aunty Heather sneaked straight past to get us. We then hoped in a car with Angel and a friend of Heather's and drove to her house where we will be staying in Mexico.
So thats my trip to Mexico so far, keep in touch for the rest of the three weeks. Bye everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

hello fellow bloggers so i have some exciting news on the first of august i'm am going to mexico i wish you all could be there with me but while i'm there i'll take lots of photos so you can see what i am doing and how much fun i am having while i'm there i have to find something for my class i might bring back some caramelo back that stands for candy in spanish but so thay can try some mexican candy.
for the three weeks i  am at mexico i will be posting things on my blog so be posted bye for now.


hello fallow bloggers this might be my first post but there is more coming through the year  

these are some of my friends that hang out with all day every day they make me laugh and help me when i need help 
i have enjoyed being at school and working learningmyway is the best thing it has made my enjoy being at school and a lot of things that my amazing teacher has done to make things easier to do one thing i wish for is that this was high school and it would go forever i am going to miss this school but i will come and visit a lot              

by mya